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"Thank you for this amazing opportunity, Mr. Goddard. It is a great blessing to be able to bless others and you have given us this chance. May you be blessed many times for it and those who work with you. As I was finishing my last rounds I came upon your latest FaceBook posting that talks of Blessing. I will go and listen to it now that I have completed my initial goal. I look forward to working more with the Zakhor of Well-Being.
               Sharmaine G - Canada
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David Goddard, Spiritual Teacher and Author 
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Zakhor of Well-being Empowerment
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Rising Phoenix HQ
North London
March 24, 2020

The Zakhor of Well-being

Dear Friend,

     The pandemic of the Covid-19 Coronavirus is sweeping across our world. And it has brought immense suffering to communities and nations. Innumerable people are frightened, bewildered, and anxious.

     We – you and I - can play our part in dissipating this virus, and in transmuting the adverse karma that brought it into existence.



     In the Western tradition of Qabalah, a Zakhor is a deep, sacred and powerful intonement - a pattern of astro-spiritual energies that can cut through time and space.

    And that can influence the physical plane.

    In the Eastern traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism, a specific pattern of sound waves is called a ‘mantra’.

    In the Western tradition of Qabalah, it is called a ‘zakhor’ (pl: zakhorim).

    Any true Zakhor - like all sacred sounds - is a specially formulated combinations of spiritual vibration that alters whatever they are aimed at.

     They can be used to strengthen events and individuals – but they can also cause something to dematerialize, to dissolve and cease to exist. Just like the vibration of a high-pitched note can shatter glass.

    This is the power of a true intonement.

     And that is why I would like to share a very special Zakhor with you.

     Because this specific Zakhor can weaken plagues, and can even eliminate them. Due to the seriousness of the current situation, I have been granted permission to share it in an open manner. (See below)

     So that you’ll be able to use this intonement and help free humankind from this scourge. And more importantly, it could eliminate the adverse karma that brought this pandemic into being.

    And so, above is the Zakhor of Well-being we'll can use it every day.

    I encourage you to keep a count of the number of times you intone ( speak ) or chant it.

    Then send your tally to the Rising Phoenix Foundation – and we will add up how many Zakhorim have been accumulated by you, and our Rising Phoenix Community.

    And also...

   Starting this Sunday, Benjamin and I will establish an Altar of Intercession here at the Rising Phoenix Foundation’s HQ.

    You can send in the names of any infected people you know – as well as names of anyone who has died as a consequence. And then, twice every day, prayers and offerings will be made on their behalf.

     If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

    So, I’d like to encourage you to join us.

    Be a part of the Rising Phoenix Community’s effort to help curb this global problem.

    There is no charge to join.

    All I ask is that you send in your Zakhor count every now and again.

    This is a time for our community - and all of us - to stand together.

    Join the Zakhor of Well-being!

    And may the Coronavirus, and the roots of its karmic causation, be transformed into nothingness.

    And may all people experience good health, kind hearts, and selfless lives.

    So that All of Our Efforts may Manifest in Beauty,

David Goddard

    (E.D.) P.S. David will also do a regular 5 minute Facebook Live where he will recite the Zakhor of Well-being with you.

And share our community’s efforts.

Thank you!
Benjamin Philips Co-founder
Rising Phoenix Foundation

    Please share this with like-minded friends and family. Thank you!

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You're invited to join the Zakhor of Well-being

David Goddard explains the Zakhor of Well-being

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